Vinyl Bags


All vinyl parts of BSG bags are easy to keep clean.  Usually, a simple damp cloth will wipe away any dirt or any soiling.


To keep your vinyl items looking new, spray a dust cloth with furniture dusting polish (i.e. Pledge) and wipe down the sides, bottom, and faces of your bag.  Take special care to clean the handles this way to ensure their longevity and prevent cracking.  I would advise weekly during the summer months.  The natural salts from your skin and chemicals from lotions and cosmetics break down the oils in the material.


Cotton Items


Fabric protectant is dually applied to all cloth items.  This procedure should protect your purchase from any normal wear and tear from everyday usage.  A damp cloth should wipe away most dirt.  If, for some reason, a major staining occurs, you should be able to treat the cotton with spot remover and machine wash and lay flat to dry.  However, after a machine wash, a fabric protectant should be re-applied.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding cleaning of your item.