sweater girl /'swet-ər 'gərl/    n : a girl with an attractive bust who wears tight sweaters or a girl with a shapely bust



I opened BSG Designs to offer the things that I love in my life: Fabrics, color, creativity, whimsy and vintage fun.


Me? Yes, I am a buxom lass, and I will wear a tight sweater now and then.  I like to go out with the girls, let my hair down on the dance floor with my man, and get a little rowdy.


You? Hopefully, you like to look good, love to have fun with your clothes, and enjoy owning quality original designs.


Since my fantasy of starting my own all-girl punk rock/rockabilly group called “Ballistic Sweater Girls” fell through, I decided to take up the torch and continue my dream in a different vein. Just pretend this website is my rock band, my sewing machine is my guitar, drums, and microphone and you guys are my groupies.  Lighters up!


-- Wendy